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RT UK is a British free-to-air television news channel, part of the RT network, a global multilingual television news network based in Moscow and subsidised by the Russian government.

Richard Sambrook, director of the Centre of Journalism at Cardiff University was quoted as saying "It's a surprising move to focus resources on the UK. It's not a commercial proposition, therefore the main purpose must be to gain influence. It's about soft power for the Kremlin". In a pre-launch statement, RT correspondent Polly Boiko said "So much is made of how RT is funded. It's been cast as the Big Bad Wolf of the news media landscape," and "I think many of us... see the launch of RT UK as an opportunity to shake off the accusations levelled at the channel".

The UK broadcast regulator Ofcom had repeatedly reprimanded the international version of RT for its failure to remain impartial. London-based RT International correspondent Sara Firth claims she had resigned the previous July after five years with the channel over its coverage of the MH17 disaster, though it later had been found out that she was due to leave the channel anyway after a job offer at Arise TV. Shortly after the RT UK operation was launched, Ofcom said sanctions would be imposed if further breaches of the broadcasting code occurred.

The Russian embassy in London described the move as an "openly political decision", however the British government, which since the 2008 financial crisis has owned the majority of shares in the RBS group, denied being responsible for the bank's actions. NatWest subsequently said that it had written to one of RT's suppliers, not to the station itself, and that it would review the decision. RT itself said the company provides all RT services in the UK.

Matt Turner, writing for The Independent, pointed to marginalised issues and groups, like the disabled and the largest prison strike in US history, to which he asserted RT gave substantial coverage, unlike media in the UK and USA. Turner, who has "appeared on Russia Today (unpaid) as a political commentator", commented that "our own media biases have handed RT a large and disillusioned western audience to entice. In a balanced media landscape, they wouldn't have had this advantage to begin with".